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New Patient Examination

This initial appointment is to evaluate the bite and appearance of the teeth and decide if and when the condition calls for a more in-depth evaluation. At this first half-hour visit the doctor can answer these questions:
• Is treatment needed?
• When should it start?
• How long will it take?
• How much will it cost?
We do not charge for new patient examinations or for periodic observation visits, even if necessary photographs or x-rays are taken.
Observation Recall
When a patient is not yet ready for treatment we will follow him/her with periodic observation visits to assess changes in the teeth. These observation recall visits enable the doctor to watch for the optimum time to begin any necessary treatment.
Diagnostic Records
Once the doctor feels that treatment is indicated, he will study the case in more detail with the following orthodontic records:
Photographs – intraoral and facial
Impressions – upper and lower teeth to make study models
X-rays – cephalometric (profile) and panoramic (full view)
After the records appointment, the doctor will discuss the findings with the patient and family. Points for discussion include:
1. Optimal timing to start treatment
2. Length of active treatment
3. Type of appliances to be used
4. Patient cooperation
5. Retention and follow-up visits
6. Cost of treatment (financial options)


When you choose to proceed with treatment in our office, the cost of the diagnostic records, diagnosis, treatment plan, and consultation is included in the case fee. If you choose not to proceed with treatment, there will be a $350 charge for services provided to this point.
Initial Appliance Appointment
In addition to placing the braces or appliance(s), the patient will receive instructions on oral hygiene, care of the appliances, and precautions to minimize breakage and keep the treatment proceeding smoothly.
Adjustment Appointments
The majority of adjustments are short (15 – 30 minutes in length) and are made on a 4 to 6 week interval. Occasionally longer appointment will be needed.
Retention Appointments
Most cases are finished within 24 months. A two-year retention period follows with the patient being seen 4-6 times. These appointments are included in the case fee.