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Testimonials About Los Angeles and West Hollywood Dentist, Dr. Meir Agaki

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Los Angeles, California. Read what our patients are saying about Dr. Meir Agaki below.


"I had my tooth shoot off by an airsoft bb in a training mission, Dr Agaki saw me right away and was able to repair my tooth as nothing happened.

Thank you so much for the great work!!"

- Eric A. 11/23/2011 on LinkedIn

I have had three implants with Dr. Agaki. He is very efficient. All implants were immediate implants with 4 months waiting for the titanium to bond. There was no pain - except for the cost.
I trust his judgement. I am very satisfied with the result.

Torrance Hammond 310-397-2825 bigthh@earthlink.net

- Torrance Hammond 310-397-2825

Dr. agaki saved my tooth from needing to be extracted. He spent over and hour and a half on the chair to save the tooth from decaying and made it look natural and as if it had never been in bad condition. In addition he also extracted 4 wisdom teeth and my face did not swell at all after the procedure. I could tell Dr. Agaki takes pride in his work as the workspace and tools being used all looked modern and up to date. Over all it was a first class experience with a not so first class price tag and I look forward to coming in to his office for any future work to be done on my teeth!

- Ariel R.

This is THE place to get your teeth whitened in Los Angeles. I had never even considered paying for professional whitening until I saw the L.A. Weekly ad for Zoom Whitening for less than half the going rate. As trite as this sounds, now I'm smiling like a movie star too! And I don't need to waste my time and money on all those store-bought whitestrips ever again!

The doctor and his staff couldn't be nicer, and the facilities couldn't be cleaner, and my teeth are still whiter-than-average over a year later.

There is no other place I could possibly recommend for a teeth whitening in Los Angeles.

- John D. 5/13/2010 on Yelp

This Testimonial is written to all the patients out their who are worried about finding a great Dentist who is sensitive and caring to your Dental needs.
For me, unfortunately, I had lots of Dental work from another Dentist that didn't last very long or look natural: this was back in 2002: And then I found Dr Meir Agaki, who really saved my life in a sense by fixing and sculpting my uneven teeth and non natural color. Dr Agagki actually fixed mostly every tooth in my mouth (because I was a Cancer patient and had Radiation Therapy) and was able to make all of them sparkle and healthy once again.
I highly recommend Dr Agaki and his natural ability and artistry to fix your Dental needs.
If you like to contact me by email:
or 310 838 4247

- Cris Iden

I went to see Dr. Meir Agaki after I was battling a major tooth and gum infection. Initially I went to see another doctor who recommended removing the infected teeth and doing some invasive procedure over the gums and surrounding roots. I was really worried. It is than that I asked my friend for a dentist and she recommended her dentist, Dr. Meir Agaki. When I went to see the doctor I expected my tooth to be removed. Dr. Meir was very kind and listen to all my concerned and reassured me that my tooth in fact could be saved. I have a very sensitive mouth, and Dr. Meir was very patient in treating me and making sure I was not in any discomfort. The treatment took two sessions and some medication as well, but my mouth, gums and teeth are healthier than ever. He also explained me in great details what I have done wrong before in maintaining my gums in a healthy condition and what I should do from now on. I now follow his advise and glad I do so and that I went to see him. Dr. Meir did not just saved my gums and teeth from what appeared to be a doomed situation, but also thought me how to take care of my gums from now on so I don't incur such health circumstanced in the future. Dr. Meir Agaki was very carrying and sensitive in his treatment and I appreciated that. The least I could do is say Thank You here Dr. Meir for giving me a healthy smile back : )

- Alexis L. 10/07/2007

My visit to Dr.Meir Agaki's office gave me a reason to not only come back but to refer my friends and family as well. His honesty, patience and level of care distinguishes him from other dentists in LA.

His trustworthiness makes him a dentist different from the others in Los Angeles.

I went to a dentist who recommended replacement of my old fillings. A friend suggested Dr.Meir whom I visited as a second opinion.
He was honest. He told me that my old silver fillings were strong and that they would last for many more years. I'm fortunate to have received a second opinion from Dr.Meir! He prevented unnecessary pain, costs and saved me time from my busy schedule.

Dr.Meir is down to earth. Before, during and after any treatment you feel comfortable asking questions. He makes sure you understand whats going on.

He is very caring. Due to my sensitivity, he cleaned my teeth by HAND (takes more time), as oppose to using power tools (faster) which would have elicited more pain.

With respect to my positive experiences, I would recommend Dr.Meir Agaki. to anyone looking to find a kind, caring, honest and patient dentist. You will probably save money upon visiting him as well.

- Bruce S. on Yelp

Growing up in Nebraska, our family had the greatest, most competent dentist a person could ever ask for. He was kind and professional, and he even became a family friend. I never thought I would find anyone even close to that guy as an adult living out in Los Angeles, but Dr. Agaki is as close as I've ever found. I've had problems with my #9 (front) tooth since I was 11 years old. I'm 49 now. I saw his ad in the LA Weekly for an implant costing $599 and the porcelain $599. Couldn't believe it since everyone else was giving me $3,000 to $3,500.00 estimates. It's no BS. The implant itself cost me $599, and the eventual porcelain 3 months later cost me the same. As a matter of fact, during the implant procedure, the crown next to the front tooth accidentally broke (I know he felt terrible!), and he replaced it for FREE. It was a brand new crown not more than 3-4 months old, and indeed he did replace it at no cost, as he should. I also received a ZOOM laser whitening procedure from him at the remarkably low price of $150.00. NO ONE charges that. I've read some of the negative reviews here, and yes, he may not be the most gregarious or talkative of guys, but who wants a dentist who jabbers away all day while he's working on your teeth. I like that he's a quiet, humble man who does his job, does it well, and REALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. I 100% recommend Dr. Agaki for yours or your family's dental needs. A real find. He's my new regular dentist.

- 11/09/2010 on yahoo

I have known Dr. Agaki for years and would gladly introduce him to my family, friends, or sphere of influence. He makes going to the dentist as pleasant as possible. I had little discomfort in any of the procedures that he did, and never had pain afterwards.
He is on time, does my cleanings personally, and is very sensative about my need to have xrays to a minimum. He does what is needed, is fair in his pricing, and above all, he is honest and hard working. These are all character traits that I hold dear.
It is nice to know that there is a dentist that is also your friend.

- Arlene Lafferety

Six Implants, Six Posts, Six Crowns -- A Project -- Dr. Agaki Is A Professional - Competent - Intelligent - Precise - Patient - Courteous - Empathetic - Sensible - Trustworthy - Diligent - Thank You, Dr. Agaki For An Improved Well-Being, Self-Esteem And Quality Of Living!!!

Most people want:
1. Health and the preservation of life.
2. Food
3. Sleep
4. Money and things money will buy.
5. Life and hereafter.
6. Sexual gratification.
7. The well-being of our children.
8. A feeling of importance.
9. Love

The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams. Health, Happiness & Prosperity.


- Charles Coriveau

After hearing a glowing report from a dear friend, I went to him with some trepidation because of past dental disasters. I had a large gap between my front tooth and its neighboring tooth. Several other dentists had worked on it with terrible results. Because of that, I was very embarrassed about my smile, and felt that it would be impossible to correct. Dr. Meir Agaki not only took care of my problem, but I have a beautiful smile again, and I'm thrilled. He was very gentle, and did the work quickly and efficiently. People have told me that I look much younger, but they can't pinpoint why. I am convinced that it is due to my new smile along with how good I feel about myself. I highly recommend him!

- Judy on yahoo 10/07/2007

Where should I start with this 5 star doctor, Who saved me. So that s the story.
I was attending to this important event, which suddenly my front crown tooth fell off.
Stressing out and not knowing what to do I started calling around late Sunday evening. And luckily Dr. Agaki picked his personal cell which no one else did or wanted to see me at the same night, after telling him my situation he agreed to see me as an emergency visit.
He took care of my tooth in less then an hour, with a very reasonable fee.
Thanks so much dr. Agaki for going out of your way to make a new and happy pt.

- Raymond B.

I have been a patient of Dr.Agaki for many years and he has performed many serious procedures on me including multi cavities & dental implants. He is a very professional dentist who is concerned about your well -being. He always tries to make you feel very comfortable during your visit ... .
He is very concerned about your well- being , he will call you to follow up on serious appointments to ask how you are doing.....

He will work with you financially if you are having payment difficulties .... he accepted my dental insurance company .....
He is a wonderful family man and will answer your dental questions if you ask.

He is very focused in his work and he has even opened his office beyond work hours in emergencies for me .......

I have received many compliments on my new smile which he gave to me ... ..
Dr .Agaki assistants & receptionists are cheerful , professional and helpful to make your visit pleasant , they will call you before your appointment to remind you...

He has 2 offices for your convenience , one near Marina Del Rey & Culver City and one in Beverly Hills....
if you are thinking of changing dentist's or if you have just moved to the L.A. area please call Dr.Agaki ....
P.S. - There is plenty of free parking on the nearby streets and meter parking at his west L.A. office ...

ED .

- Ed P. Culver City, CA. 12/13/2011

I actually found dr. Agaki through my wife, she has been his patient for a while.
He was very concerned with my situation, and he made me fell very comfortable.
His price were fair and he took my insurance which was the best part.
I also liked this new equipment he has, which you can see your self while he is working on you.
So no fuss, no mess, and no pain
Thank you dr. Agaki for making my life easy, and I'll see you on my next visit.

- Steven M.

I had an implant done by Dr. Agaki that I'm satisfied with. I feel he did it in a professional manner. I like the office, it's not too busy and it's easy to park. His price is good.

- Eilleen S. on Yelp 11/23/2011

If your reading this because your looking for a new dentist, look no further You will not be disappointed with Dr.AGaki. After not seeing a dentist in a long time I was referred to Dr. Agaki by a friend of mine who had been going by him for years and was very pleased by his expertise. My very first visit I had x-rays taken. He then went through all the x-rays and explained to me in detail what all my options are. He told me his professional recommendation and a reasonable estimate for each option..He also showed me my issues on a big screen from a microscope. I was able to actually see all my problem areas on the big screen and actually have an understanding of what's going on ...He was very professional and patient while answering all my questions...even his staff was very caring and professional. Dental work isn't something people are excited to get done but thanks to Dr.Agaki I feel so much more comfortable about the whole experience ...

- Nina M.

I highly recommend Dr. Agaki. I chipped my front tooth when I was 11 years old and have had trouble with it ever since. I'm 49 now. I saw Dr. Agaki's ad in the LA Weekly for dental implants for $799, and the porcelain for $999. A remarkable deal! It was no BS. I had the implant put in and three months later had the porcelain put on the post and now my smile is the best it has been in nearly 40 years! I could not be happier! He's a quiet and humble guy, but really knows the world of dentistry like no one's business. I completely trust him and would recommend him to anyone. The price he quoted, was the price I paid

- Thomas B.

Dr. Agaki has done great work on my teeth, I ask him to do a before and after just for he can show me years later how bad my teeths was. He done a out standing job of getting me back my smile, and he also work with me on payment, If you are looking for a Dentistry and Dental Implants that would work with you as far as getting the job done, Dr. Agaki is your man.

- Delano L.

I was a patient of Dr. Agaki's when I first moved to Los Angeles, and I must say, he is one of the most patient and gentle Dr.'s I've ever had the pleasure of being patient of!! :) He is honest, sincere, and explains everything in a way anyone can understand. I had my old silver fillings replaced with white color fillings, and I had a gold crown made for my back upper tooth, and it was all very reasonably priced and I did not have to wait for weeks like some Dentists make you wait out here! He is truly a very kind a gentle dentist, and a grad of UCLA School of Dentistry, so he graduated from the very best dental program around! I would recommend Dr. Agaki for your dental needs, he is really awesome!! Merci, Dr.! :)

- Tanya P. - Culver City

Dr Agaki was fantastic!
I needed to get my wisdom teeth extracted so I went to him... It was so nice of him to be so thoughtful to recommend doing once side at a time so that I would be able to chew etc... The staff was really friendly and parking was convenient. I like that he doesn't ask too many questions while he's working like many other dentists do.. How are we supposed to answer them while they're in our mouthes!?!?!
Overall, I had a very comfortable experience. I recommended him to my good friend, and to all of you out there :)

- Hayah R. 12/14/2011 on yelp

I went here on recommendation to price crowns- cosmetic basically.They were very nice and do have price specials.They can show you by computer what it will look like when you get crowms, implants etc. It was kinda expensive so I basically couldnt get my cosmetic dentistry work. They were honest and very nice and the office is totally clean and on the newer side. They do do root canals and general dental surgery, allthough I didnt get my teeth done there my freind did and he loved them. Last year I did get a basic cleaning and it was fine.

- Samantha L. from Insider Pages