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Our clinic performs a wide variety of services to help you get the smile you deserve. By leveraging today's advanced techniques and technology in dental implantology, Los Angeles dentist Dr. Meir Agaki can restore your beautiful smile to help you maintain your youthful appearance. Whether you need to get a tooth restored, have a missing tooth, have crooked teeth, or need a complete smile makeover, we can offer a treatment plan that's right for you. Read below to learn more about some of the procedures we offer.
Dental Cleanings and Periodontics
Routine dental cleanings are important to maintaining good oral hygiene. Professional cleaning by a hygienist can remove mineralized plaque that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing, particularly in areas that are difficult to...
Dental Exams and X-Rays
Routine dental exams are important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, they can help to avoid the financial costs associated with large treatment plans later on. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends twice yearly checkups...
Composite Fillings
When treating a cavity, the dentist will remove the decayed portion of your tooth and fill it with another substance. This procedure is called a filling. There are multiple options for the material to be used in the filling, the most common of...
Root Canal Therapy
Root canal therapy is treatment used to repair and save a tooth that has been infected due to a deep cavity or cracked tooth. The treatment involves removing the pulp and the nerves of the tooth, and cleaning the infected area. A tooth's pulp and...
Tooth Extractions and 3rd Molar Removal
A dental extraction is the procedure to remove a tooth from your mouth. A dental extraction is most commonly required if one of your teeth is damaged beyond practical repair. The most common reasons for tooth extractions include: Severe...
Gum Surgery, Periodontal Scaling
The leading cause of tooth loss today in adults is do to gum disease or periodontitis. Dr. Meir can help you arrest the progression of bone loss around the teeth due to this disease caused by bacterial infection of the gum by harmful bacteria.
Dental Implant and a single crown
Replace single missing or non-restorable teeth with a dental implant and crown.
Dental Implants and Overdentures
Using dental implants to help stabilize loose dentures and partial dentures.
Dental Implants and Fixed Bridges
Using dental implants as anchors for permanent bridges or crowns that are splinted together.  
periodontal splinting
Splinting loose teeth together to make them less mobile.  This is usually done after periodontal scaling procedures to stabilize teeth that have lost bone support due to previous periodontal disease.
periodontal bone and tissue grafting
This procedure is available for some patients with localized bone loss to restore the periodontal health of an individual tooth.  It's also used after extractions to aid the healing of the site for future dental implants.  
Night Guard and TMJ Therapy
A bite splint or night guard made professionally by a dentist can protect your teeth and TMJ from bruxism.  Bruxism the night time teeth clenching and grinding can be harmful to your teeth and cause you muscle and TMJ pain.  A bite...
Porcelain Crowns
Compared to fillings which just cover a small portion of a tooth, a crown (or cap) encases the entire visible portion of a tooth. In effect, the crown acts as the tooth's new outer surface.A dental crown is used when a tooth is broken or decayed...
Teeth Whitening
Our teeth can discolor through the years as our enamel wears down. The wearing down of enamel allows dentin, a yellow color substance that makes the core of our teeth, to show through. This is what gives our teeth a yellowish tint. Teeth whitening...
Dental Bridges
A dental bridge is a false tooth that is used to fill the gap created by missing tooth or teeth. A gap between your teeth can be potentially dangerous to your dental health, as it can cause your teeth to shift resulting in a change in your bite...
Dental Veneers
Dental veneers are thin custom made shells that cover the front surface of your tooth to improve their appearance. They are made of tooth colored materials and can be used to improve the color of teeth that have been worn down or stained....
Dental Bonding
Dental Bonding is a restoration procedure in which a tooth-colored resin is bonded to a tooth and cured with ultraviolet light. Bonding is faster and cheaper than veneers or crowns, and can thus be a good option to make small cosmetic improvements...
Dental Inlays and Onlays
Dental inlays and onlays are a more conservative approach to tooth restoration than full crowns. The are used to repair rear teeth that have mild to moderate tooth decay, or for cracked teeth where the damage does not warrant a dental crown....
Invisalign - Clear Braces - Orthodontics
Teeth alignment through a series of clear retainers.